Happy back to work!

rentrée2022We are back in Paris after 1 month travelling across Nepal, of which 19 days in Dhorpatan. How wonderful it is to be back after 8 years ! Our minds and hearts are full of memories and joy from sharing the lives of the families there.

Here we go !

Once arrived in Kathmandu, we hopped on a jeep for a 14h ride to Burtibang, westbound from Pokhara. One good night sleep later, we’re back on the jeep for 4 more hours to eventually reach Dhorpatan.

At 2,900m of altitude, time seems to go by slower, and so do we ! After a few days of getting used to it, we started participating in the village’s daily activities :

  • Milking of the cows at 6:30 am, then at 7 am, taking the herd to graze in the mountain,
  • Then we have to churn the milk to make butter, cream, yoghurt, cheese (for the village but also for the mice ! Yes, in Dhorpatan they are fed by the inhabitants). We could hear them every night coming to visit us. Dondhup would say : “They are at home…”, and Isabelle would answer : “Yes but let’s hope they keep their distance !
  • We also have to feed the cows, every evening around 5:30 pm: apples, potatoes, banana, cheese, milk and hot water, they are not being left out,
  • And then of course, the potato harvest ! At last, after 10 days of incessant monsoon,
  • We also harvest oats for the horses,
  • Finally, we make stampa, made of barley flour.

You might have gotten it by now, the pace is intense ! But by 6:30 pm, life slows down…And by 9 pm : Lights out !

As a picture is worth a thousand words, we let you discover some videos of our stay. We will tell you more very soon, we promise 😉


Pour continuer à soutenir les villageois de Dhorpatan nous vous rappelons que :

Vous pouvez faire un don pour venir en aide aux familles de Dhorpatan.
Vous pouvez adhérer à l’Association pour soutenir l’agriculture responsable à nos côtés et ne rien manquer de nos actions.
Vous pouvez nous soutenir quotidiennement et gratuitement grâce à Lilo, le moteur de recherche solidaire.

Dani bath en népalais !
Tsutse tse en tibetain !
Grazie mille en italien !

L’Equipe Amis de Dhorpatan

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