The first variety of potatoes introduced into Dhorpatan was the Kufri Jyoti potato around the 1980s. This variety of potatoes was imported from Himachal Pradesh, India, by the Swiss government. Farmers in the Dhorpatan Valley began cultivating this variety which, by adapting to the climatic conditions of the region, has improved over time. The farmers of the valley themselves introduced other varieties.
The Kufri Jyoti potato in vernacular language, or Solanum Tuberosum in botanical language, remains the most cultivated potato in the Dhorpatan valley.
The potato Kufri Jyoti comes from the crossing of two varieties of potatoes. It was broadcast from 1968 by the Central Variety Release Committee of India in the Indian provinces of Himachal Pradesh and Kumaon.
The plants are large and compact. Its leaves are heart-shaped, broad and light green. The tuber is oval and white. The flesh has a white and waxy color. The germs are blue-purplish. They keep well provided by the right treatment after harvest.
This potato is resistant to potato late blight, the main enemy of potato crops. It is also resistant to alternaria and potato wart.
The potato grows in a hundred days in the plains, 120 days in the mountains.

The potatoes of Dhorpatan are cultivated between 2800 and 3000 meters of altitude.

Their culture is entirely organic considering the purity of the soil, water and soil, and these potatoes have never known pesticides since their arrival in the valley.

They are naturally preserved for a year under the ground.

Some photos:

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